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Prolyfk brewery based in New Bern since 2021.

A start up brewery with an emphasis on creative and artistic brewing styles.

Our Vision: Create innovative beer through Engineering principals without allowing extreme growth to dictate the quantity or quality of our product. We strive to make a repeatable, high quality product for all enjoying our beer. Beer is our project. Work hard…beer harder.



Ben Knight started home brewing seriously back in 2011 and has not looked back since. His Engineering background and grassroots approach to making and sharing his beers across the country inspired him to start his own business and brand you now know as Prolyfk.


In mid 2021, Ben made his dream a reality when he opened Prolyfk Brewing Project as an official brewery. He quickly commissioned his first brew setup at Brütopia and has continued increasing his footprint in New Bern as a brewery to look out for.


Shortly after officially opening, Prolyfk opened their first membership - Prolyferous - selling out 200 spots in less than 24 hours, many of which had never even tried the brand's beer before. The two-year membership included ten bottled brews and a merchandise package.
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